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  • Joe Palmer

A Mother's Day Tribute

For a moment, let me talk about my mom who left this world a couple of years ago. She was raised in the Midwest during the Great Depression and saw as a child the effects of homelessness on the once proud Veterans of the "Great War"...WW1. She, like millions of Americans, heard on the radio how the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. She helped the Red Cross hand out donuts and coffee while attending nursing school. She volunteered in her spare time at the local hospital. Though the war ended by the time she graduated she always had a deep appreciation for the men who served...especially since her 4 brothers all were in the military and served overseas. And yes, she married my dad who was in the Army Air Corps. She knew the meaning of service.

Some wonder about life...she lived it.

My mom had 9 kids, 5 boys and 4 girls. Myself and 3 of my brothers all served in the military and were all stationed overseas. She once said to me, "I don't think my youngest will go, I've sent too many already."

My mom, like millions of other mothers across the nation prayed for me and all who served. She sent care packages before it was vogue to "support the troops". She knew that in packing them full I would share with my buddies and of course I did...remember Jiffy Pop? And oh how that Kool Aide made canteen water taste so much better.

Somehow she knew what to send.

And now as I reflect on this upcoming Mother's Day I can't help but realize that I never quite said enough "thank you's" for her service to our nation. She, like millions of other American mothers offered their children to serve to protect us. Some saw their offering become the ultimate sacrifice.

To all this Sunday, it is your day. Whether you are with us or have left us a while ago you will always be loved. You will never get enough "thank you's". Love you mom.

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