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  • Joe Palmer

It's More Than "Just Say No!"

No one starts taking drugs with the intention of becoming addicted. In many cases opioid addiction is the result of taking an overly prescribed drug. Teens (no matter how smart they think they are) don't realize the risks they take when trying drugs. Even if they know the dangers teens (and adults as well) may succumb to peer pressure.

Who We Serve not only identifies resources for Veterans but also provides information that all within a community can use in dealing with issues that everyone faces.

Visit our Community Resources page and download (or is it upload?) the information on Tips for Teens. Share the links with your family, organization and schools in the hope of preventing more deaths attributed to drug overdoses.

Knowledge is a key to prevention. Knowing the signs and risks of addiction are a start.

Tips for Teens can be that start.


Note: Aside from addressing opioid use Tips for Teens also provides information on inhalants, e-cigs, marijuana, smoking, alcohol abuse and more.

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