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  • Joe Palmer

Let him eat chips-Happy Father's Day

Growing up did you ever notice how your Dad always knew what you were doing? Even when he wasn't around he always knew. We'll never know if he had spies in the neighborhood that reported what we were doing as kids but he always knew what we had done that day.

Like Moms, he may have had that second sense that comes from being a parent. Or maybe, and more than likely, it was because he had done the same things when he was a kid.

My Dad died a number of years ago and there are many things that I wish that we could have done together but time seems to have slipped by as it often does. There were conversations that I wish we could have had but those words will never be spoken now. But at the end of the day, for all that was missed, I remember the vacations and the good times...and that's the way it should be.

So on this Father's Day "let him eat chips" and relax. And don't forget to have that conversation or do that activity...because tomorrow is never promised.

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