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  • Joe Palmer

The New Invisible Wounds of War

Last week Who We Serve posted a blog concerning Social Isolation and Loneliness as the New Invisible Wounds of War.

A new paper concerning this topic has just been published and it contends that Social Isolation and Loneliness are the box in which all the other issues affecting an individual, whether they be PTSD, MST, Moral Injury, etc., are contained. It is cannot be until that box is opened can one begin to receive treatment and eventual healing.

Feel free to download the paper.

Remember that social isolation and loneliness knows no particular age group, race, creed or otherwise. Throughout history it has affected people of every tribe and nation. Learn to recognize it not only in others but in yourself. Once you have read the paper see if there are people within your social network that you could perhaps reach out to and re-engage?

It will be well worth the effort...for both of you!

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