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  • Joe Palmer

Why another Veteran oriented website?

As a quick background, I was the Executive Director and then President of Military Outreach USA, which is a 501(c) not for profit. During my 9 years with them it was my sole responsibility to communicate with and set up programs with the Department of Veterans Affairs relating to Veterans Exiting Homelessness. That involvement soon expanded to working with their Caregiver Support and Recreational Therapy programs. I helped to serve more than 40,000 Veterans through the programs I implemented with VA and community partners.

As I progressed in working with the VA I noticed other Veteran oriented websites that claimed to serve Veterans...some did and some were just trying to make money. But their involvement was with a national perspective...not local.

Working further with individual VA facilities it became apparent that these web oriented sites were not reaching Veterans at the local level. It also became evident that not for profits would find ways of taking a portion of donations to cover their overheads. Nothing wrong with that but when I donate to an organization it's not to pay someone's salary.

Concerned friends and organizations who felt the same as me suggested that we continue some of the work I had started...

So we came up with Who We Serve. Who We Serve will act as a conduit between those in a community and their local VA facility. With the sole purpose of serving Veterans in that community.

We won't ask for donations but rather that you use those funds to help meet the needs of Veterans in your community. We think it's a simple concept. Working with your local VA facility to serve local Veterans in need.

When you are ready, we will provide you with the contact information for your local VA facility so that you can establish direct contact with them. We will also offer some ways you can help; but as every facility is different so are their needs.

Do as much or as little as you can...but do something.


For more information just send us an email.

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