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What your local VA needs.

Every community has different needs.

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As every part of a state and even the nation is different so are the needs of Veterans in different parts of the country.


Winter coats and boots may not be needed in San Diego but they are certainly welcomed in Bath, NY.

Some VA facilities may need items for their food pantries while others are in need of move-in-essentials for formerly homeless Veterans, but...

it's hard to provide support if you don't know who to contact  to work with or what your local facility needs.

Who We Serve provides a Directory of the Voluntary Service Chiefs at each VA Medical Center in the VA Health Care System.  As people change positions the contacts on this list may change but the phone numbers remain the same. Contact these key VA Facility people to see what you can do to help serve Veterans in YOUR COMMUNITY.

Who We Serve can help you get started but from there it's up to you!

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