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Veteran Support
Veteran Support

As deployments continue to draw down and service members return home, Who We Serve is focusing on creating awareness and vetted resources for supporting Veterans of all eras. Our Veteran Support Program provides Veterans and the community with the resources needed in transitioning and adjusting to the community.

Simple Ways You Can Help
Hospital Visit.jpg

Visiting a wounded or ill Veteran in the hospital is a meaningful way to express gratitude for their service on your behalf. Not every veteran has family who is able to visit, and days spent recovering without others to talk to or visit with can feel like years. Consider visiting a Veteran as a family to teach your children about the true sacrifices of those who serve, as well as to provide a history lesson. This is one small act of kindness that will last beyond the moments spent at the bedside of someone who has served.

Raise Kids.jpg

One way to ensure that support of our military members extends long into the future is to raise the next generation with a sense of appreciation, understanding, and gratitude for what those serving our country have sacrificed for America’s freedom. There are many ways to introduce children of all ages to what military service entails, some of which include reading children’s books (H is for Honor by Devin Scillian is a great one for young children), visiting military themed museums, and including them when visiting veterans or preparing letters and care packages. It is never too early to introduce the idea of gratitude to children for the service of others on their behalf—and make sure to exemplify appreciation yourself, as they will imitate what they witness. Note: The link to H is for Honor only offers one online source to attain the publication. There are many outlets available.

Offer Talents.jpg

The world is a better place when we use our gifts to help others in need. Sometimes the best way to serve a veteran is by using your passion and talents for a greater purpose. Why not use your career or vocation to assist Veterans with tasks like completing taxes or providing much-needed home improvements? Whether you’re a counselor or a financial planner, a cab driver or a lawyer, there is a Veteran that could use your help.

Mow a lawn.jpg

The simplest acts of kindness often mean the most. If you find yourself living near a veteran, why not offer to ease the burden of yard work or running errands? Mowing a Veteran’s lawn every week, or spending some time pulling stubborn weeds means so much more than just helping with the landscaping—it’s a tried and true way to physically show your appreciation for the sacrifice their service required. If lawn care or grocery shopping isn’t your thing, why not bake cookies or invite them over for a meal? Going outside of your comfort zone to show appreciation often reaps rewards you never saw coming.

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