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We Don't Want Donations

There are literally thousands of organizations asking you to make a monetary donation to support their mission. In most cases those donations go to a national office to support overheads, administration costs and perhaps some of your donation will reach those within YOUR community. There is nothing wrong in supporting those organizations; but wouldn't you want your donation to support those in your community?

Who We Serve believes that to support Veterans and their families at the local level you need to work with local VA facilities. VA facilities know the needs of Veterans within your community. They will use your donations, whether monetary or those from a collection drive, to meet the needs of Veterans within YOUR community.

All donations to a VA facility are tax deductible to the fullest extend allowed by law. After you make your donation you'll receive a letter acknowledging your donation from the VA facility.

By making your contribution directly to a VA facility you'll know that your donations will be used 100% to serve Veterans in YOUR community.

To contact your area VA facility Who We Serve provides a directory of all Voluntary Service offices.

Note: Who We Serve recognizes the need of national organizations to capture some of your donation for advertising, overheads and more. If you want 100% of your donation to be used locally we suggest contributing to the local office of that national organization.

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